Will Junior is 14 years old in Savvy. He is caring and thoughtful, and is one of the few people who is nice to Mibs, the protagonist in Savvy. In the second book, Scumble, he attends Fish Beaumont's wedding and plans on proposing to Mibs. They are engaged by the end off the second book.  

Will's SecretEdit

At the beginning of the novel, Mibs mistakenly believes that Will is the son of Pastor Meeks, though at the end finds out he is the son of Bill, Pastor Meeks' son. She belivies this because the family tries to keep it quiet that their son had a child at a very young age.At least the Junior in his name makes sense. Will had been raised by Rosemary Meeks, his grandmother, because Bill was too young to care for him at the time he was born.However due to being raised like this her calls Rosemary "Mother" and refers to Roberta "Bobbi" as his sister.

Family/Love Interest
Family- Bill (Father), Bobbi (aunt), Pastor Meeks (grandfather), Rosemary Meeks (grandmother), Unnamed mother
Love Interest- Mibs

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